Fun Craft ideas for the holidays

Fun Craft ideas for the holidays

Leading up to Christmas, here are a few easy Christmas crafts for kids to enjoy and decorate the tree with homemade ornaments that you can cherish for years to come and create memories!!

Beaded Candy Cane Ornaments

Here's an easy craft to do with children: Create pipe cleaner candy canes to hang on your Christmas tree. Fun for young children to make and give as gifts, too.

You will need:
1 package (25 pc.) green chenille pipe cleaners, 12″ x 6mm
1 package pony beads — red, 6×9 mm
1 package pony beads — white, 6×9 mm

Use wire cutters or old scissors to cut the pipe cleaners in half.
Slide one bead to the end of a pipe cleaner, turning the end around the bead to keep it in place.
Alternate red and white beads until the pipe cleaner is full.
Turn the end around the last bead. Bend into a candy cane shape and hang on your tree.
The candy cane may also be used as a package decoration.

Snowman Pin

These button snowmen make fun present toppers, stocking stuffers, and thoughtful gifts for kids to give to their friends.

You will need
1 square red felt
1 square green felt
1 package pin backs- 1 1/4″ long
White buttons — the larger, about 7/8″ wide; the smaller, about 3/4″ wide. Each should have 2 holes. Green beads
Green sequins
Craft glue

With the pin of the pin back pointed down, glue (hot glue works here also) one large button at the bottom and the smaller button directly above the larger one.
While glue dries, cut out a small top hat from the green felt, approximately 1″ wide and 5/8″ high.
Cut a small bow tie from the red felt, approximately 6/8″ wide.
Carefully glue the hat to the top of the small button and the bow tie between the two buttons.
Glue a small green bead over each hole in the buttons, forming eyes and “coal” buttons.
A toothpick may be helpful in placing a dab of glue over the small holes.
Glue one green sequin to the center of the bow tie.
Allow to dry thoroughly before using.

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