How not to go crazy at home this summer

How not to go crazy at home this summer

Without school, sports, and clubs to break up the day, your time is devoted entirely to the care and entertainment of your children. You need practical ideas to keep your kids busy, particularly during the summer months. Otherwise, they may end up getting too much screen time, which is not good for their health (mental or physical).

"I’m bored…"
It’s 8 am. How can you be bored already?
It never fails. Every summer my kids are bored the minute screen time is not allowed.

Summer is not just for kids, parents want to enjoy summer too! We do not want to be counting the days and the minutes until they head back to school. Parents need not go crazy, we can make everyday something our kids look forward to. Less whining, less begging for screentime, and one of the most important things every parent wants, less child bickering each day!

Kids tend to forget what they learned in school the previous year, their brains turn to mush during the summer break, we can help by having them learn an activity during summer. Even some advance reading daily, schedule it and make it their ticket to screentime. That would definitely work!

In addition to summer learning, you can start a reading challenge and at the end of summer they get a prize.
Start a morning structure. Yes, it's summer. Kids are not heading out, but they don't have to stay in their pajamas all day long. They don't have to get dressed as early as when they go to school, but have them get dressed before they eat their "breakfast" at 11am. Structure will give them discipline and make them busy.

If they aren't too busy getting "bored", as much as no one likes chores, make it a habit for your kids to be doing their fair share when it comes to the chores at home. May it be cleaning up after playing, putting the dishes away, emptying the trash, sorting the recycling, laundry, even some backyard help, or even help with your family pet. At least one chore a day is required, for even more screentime. More chores, more screentime.

Our kids need to learn to entertain themselves. If they come to you saying "there's nothing to do", start listing off things that need to be done at home, clean the toilet, wash the dishes, sweep the floor and so on. Bet you, the whining will stop. Pronto!

And on a given day, take the kids out for some fun family activity. Take them on an adventure and let them experience new things. Definitely something that they will forward to, and help them remember that all the chores and the "I'm bored" the whole week, the weekend will definitely make up for.

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