How to Keep Your Children Off the Screen

How to Keep Your Children Off the Screen

This pandemic has increased the hours of screen time in Aussie households as families reported spending more time watching TV and movies even more on weekends.
Kids need to be kept entertained, and parents need to come up with awesome new ideas for the children to make this happen. 

First, you need to start with a summer bucket list. 
Have a sit down with the kids and start writing down what they want to do. Good way to connect and spend more time off the screen, it’s already an activity! 

Brainstorm with the family, anything is possible. The more ideas the better, and then it’s up to you to narrow it down to the possible ones. Now you can map out your family’s summer calendar!

Outdoor activities from a swim at the beach, a bike round around the area or a fun afternoon in the backyard breaks the screen cycle.  If the weather does not permit it, and are out boardgames, DIY activities are always a good option. 

It’s about breaking the cycle, veering away being repetitive. 

Less screen time doesn’t mean no screen time, there are so many available channels and programs that you can watch with the kids that gear towards activities, definitely a must try.

With the right effort from the whole family, it will definitely be a fun filled summer for everyone!

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