How to make a paper plate cassowary

How to make a paper plate cassowary

You will need:

The printable template (also available from our TPT store) Card stock in blue, grey or brown, and red Paper plate in “side plate” size (17cm). Scissors Glue stick Paint in black and white Paintbrush and an old toothbrush to add texture


Print the template out. For the all-in-one template you will need to staple the shapes to the appropriate colour of card stock and cut them out. For the classroom set print directly to the colour listed on the colour key, then cut the shapes out.

Cut your paper plate in half

Paint the plate black, then while the black paint is still wet use a toothbrush (an old one you no longer need works great) to brush white on top of it to get the feather textured look.

Glue the legs and neck onto the back of the plate

Turn over and glue the beak, horn and red wattle onto the front and draw and eye with a black sharpie

If you like you can even cut out some rainforest leaves from paper to make your cassowaries feel more at home.

From TheCraftTrain

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