How to make your kids form a habit of reading

How to make your kids form a habit of reading

Reading is one many leisure activities that children favor. 92% of Australia's citizens classify themselves as readers as per The Australia Council for the Arts, of which 80% of parents are those who actively encourage their children to love the art of reading who ends up enjoying be read to by their parents.

As a parent, you have a vast resources in the present day to have access to amazing children's books. Storytelling is not only a fun activity for a parent, but definitely, for the children too. Take time to read aloud to your children, begin with a one-picture-per-page book and let yourselves enjoy the drawings and colors the book has to offer. Introduce your children to both fiction and non-fiction books, they will not only begin to get a grasp of the plot but will also learn to enjoy facts and real-life pictures. Enjoy both worlds, fantasy and the real world.

In time your children will develop their own liking, and will then favor books over the other. That is perfectly fine, you get to introduce them to different topics and genres and eventually learn and develop their own reading habits. There is no clear cut procedure on how you can develop your child's habit, but being consistent, forming a habit you will notice what works for you and your child best. 

Books are classified into ages, just like every other activity out there, but do not be afraid to allow your kids to read above their age books. You can still monitor what they read, and guide what you want them to learn about.  Younger kids prefer picture books, themed books, as this is more entertaining that pages and pages of text. Eventually, will learn to be more eager with the story rather than the pictures.

Different ways, different patterns, but always will come to making it an activity for you and your child to enjoy and learn.

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