How to stay healthy during the holiday season?

How to stay healthy during the holiday season?

There's lots to love about the holiday season. Full of festive events, good food and cherished memories. Let's all face it, the holidays might be a good time for your taste buds, but it can also be a time for more stress, unhealthy eating, but it isn't exactly an ideal season for your waistline!

So how do you stay healthy during the holidays? You can enjoy the glorious holiday and with a little effort and planning you can steer away from sabotaging your health, let's avoid the pitfalls!

Drink water, plenty of it!
It is important to stay hydrated, choose it over alcohol, soda or juice this holiday season. Water accounts for 60% of your body's total weight. Drink plain or infused water as often as you can throughout the day. Try to limit your intake of high calorie drinks. If you do plan to drink alcohol, try alternating a glass of water in between your alcoholic beverage!

Eat mindfully.
You have family food recipes that you only prepare during the holidays, given this, you tend to overeat around the holidays. Take a step back and determine the amount of food that you are comfortable eating, and be mindful to stop eating when you're full. With a lot of easy healthy recipes available, giving you options of swapping green bean casserole to green beans instead, or replacing sour cream with greek yogurt, these little things matter, a few diet tweaks and you can indulge in your favorite holiday food. Let's focus on the fun, not the food and drinks.

Make time for exercise.
Prioritize physical activity, and make time to be active. It might be a little challenging to make time with your jam-packed social calendar ahead, but it is important that you squeeze in those minutes. If you normally do a 30-minute routine, break that down in segments throughout the day, a 15 minute walk or run in the morning, and one in the afternoon. The goal is to make time, split your physical activity into manageable time intervals. Time to reinvent your holiday work to get healthy, stay healthy this holiday season. There are so many ways to stay fit, there's definitely one for you!

Don't forget to enjoy yourself! Merry Christmas!

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