A quick and easy Owl Bird Feeder Craft for you today. Upcycle juice cartons or milk cartons to make this great craft for our feathery friends.

Juice Carton Owl Bird Feeder – Materials:
a juice carton
enamel paints for the garden
stanly knife
plastic bottle lids
googly eyes
craft stick/ lolly stick/ stick
hot glue gun or good PVA glue

Milk Carton Owl Bird Feeder – Steps by Steps Instructions:
Time needed: 1 hour.

Making these Owl Bird Feeders is relatively quick and easy, but you do need to allow for drying times!

Paint the Juice Carton
We started off by painting the juice carton. We found we needed to coats to make the colour nice and even. We used enamel paints (for flower pots etc), as these are waterproof. Acrylics are water based and won’t last as long. Though you could use acyrlics and then add a coat of waterproof varnish.

Cut out your owl feeder shapes
Once dry, using your stanly knife, cut out a “tummy and wings” into the bottom half of your juice or milk carton. I used the the tummy, to then cut a beak shape. As to the wings, don’t cut them all out, you want to keep the “flaps” attached. This keeps the seeds a little bit more sheltered and gives you those lovely owl wings!

Add the bottle top Owl Eyes
Finally, take your juice carton and glue on your bottle top eyes. And done. I later punched a little hole and hung the bird feeder outside.

Fill with bird food
Hang and enjoy.


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