It’s the most wonderful time of year when Stringer’s Gorge comes alive!

We all know that waterfalls represent the process of letting go, cleansing, and the ongoing flow of energy and life and they are found everywhere in nature.

Join us on a spectacular journey through the gorge and witness the amazing power of the waterfalls running at full strength as they regenerate the gorge and bring out the wildlife in this beautiful environment. And, they are not always where you expect as on some days you will also see them coming out of seemingly nowhere on the rock face. Nothing is quite as amazing as the sights, sounds and smell of the bush during winter!

For a more unique experience bring the family and join us on our Night Trains commence their journey at Walhalla Station at 6pm and 8pm every Saturday night during August. Travel through the gorge, over the iconic trestle bridges as the bush is lit up to highlight this amazing environment and the creatures that live within. Upon arrival at Thomson Station enjoy a hot chocolate around the fire before returning to Walhalla.

Passengers are reminded to dress warmly and bring your beanies although rugs and hot water bottles will be available for use on the evening trains. Upon arrival back in Walhalla why not enjoy the warmth and coziness of The Goods Shed Café while you enjoy a meal / snack and a drink.

2 Main Rd, Walhalla VIC 3825, Australia

Phone Number
5165 6280, 0491 741 822



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