Tasmania’s maestro of chocolate, Igor Van Gerwen.

Tasmania’s maestro of chocolate, Igor Van Gerwen.

Igor’s long-term vision in composing a book about cacao and chocolate has come to fruition with the launch of “Chocolatier, Igor Van Gerwen – Anvers, Tasmania”. Igor, the owner and head chocolatier of Latrobe’s Anvers Confectionery, has teamed up with Philip Kuruvita, Launceston’s Grand Master of Photography to create this fantastic 223page insight into our favourite subject: Chocolate.

Chocolatier is a beautiful hardback read taking you through a journey of Igor’s cacao hunting adventures in remote areas like Northern Peru and Southern Mexico, the mythical and mystical history of chocolate from the Maya to modern Europe, practical chocolate recipes for the home cook to the more challenging recipes from the guest chefs, and much more.

"People always ask me if I get to try the food, and the answer is always a resounding yes! It’s my job, and I like the idea that I will be the only person to have tried everything in the book. Working with Igor and the team at Anvers has been a delight, and we can all be very proud of the beautiful book that we have created together” Philip Kuruvita, photographer and publisher.

Location: 9025 Bass Highway, Latrobe, Tasmania

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