World War II Oil Storage Tunnels

World War II Oil Storage Tunnels

Built during WW2 to protect oil stored in Darwin from Japanese bombing after the Bombing of Darwin, the tunnels now are opened to the public where a tour would explain to you the intent, obstacles, folly and futility of the tunnels. The World War II Oil Storage Tunnels, located on Kitchener Drive at the wharf were built as "TOP SECRET" during World War II by the Civil Construction Corps to protect the Darwin's oil supplies from the Japanese.

Come and learn about how the construction of these huge tunnels was riddled with constraints and budget blowouts. Houses a collection of photographs of Allied wartime activity in the Top End. Take a tour underground and discover the rich history that awaits. Lining the walls you’ll find photographs of the men and women who served for the country, as well as interesting artefacts recovered from the war. This is an attraction with a difference.

Best things to do in Darwin is the World War II museum secret story of the Darwin NT Oil Storage Tunnels. These giant Darwin tunnels had blood, sweat and tears in the hope, in part, to end the WWII.

Location: Kitchener Drive, Darwin Northern Territory 0800, Australia

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