A Day Trip to Rottnest Island

A Day Trip to Rottnest Island

Looking for a day trip from Perth that the kids will love? Then Rottnest Island (Rotto) is the answer. Rotto is made for families and is only a 25 minute ferry ride from the mainland.

Kids and boats/ferries …. you already are winning with them!

On Rotto, kids get to experience a level of freedom unknown to them in their everyday life at home. The mode of transport on the island is walking, or the most preferred, bikes! You can bring your own from home, or hire some whilst there. The island is only 11kms long and 4.5kms wide, so it isn’t too hard for a bike ride, especially since the trails are marked and easy to follow.

If walking and biking are not your family’s idea of fun, I bet a Segway tour would be! Learn all about the island and have a great time doing so. There are two tour options to choose from; Fortress Adventure and Settlement Tour.

The island gives your family the choice of over 63 pristine beaches and 20 secluded bays to choose from. It isn’t too hard to find a secluded one, so when the kids are screaming and running around you don’t feel that they are annoying anyone … or other people’s kids are annoying you!!

Ever wanted to try snorkelling? Well now is a good time! With the water being so calm in the secluded bays, it will give you a chance to get the whole family a snorkel and pop into the water to explore the underwater life around Rotto. If snorkelling isn’t your family’s thing (it is a big thing in my family), then get the kids to try surfing, kayaking or sailing!

The main attraction that the kids will love is the Quokkas. The cute furry friendly little creatures that are native to Rotto. They wander the island and love to have a selfie. But don’t feed them, as human food is not good for them. So, get the kids, take a selfie and move along. You will see plenty of them, maybe try and get a photo with them all and count how many you have after the day comes to an end.

On your way around the island check out some of the historic sites and teach the kids a little bit about the history of Rotto. Oliver Hill has some great views and old guns and tunnels from WW2. At the old Wadjemup Lighthouse, you can all take a tour and climb to the top.

There are plenty of takeaway food, meals and a supermarket available on the island. Or, you can bring your picnic lunch and enjoy it on one of the spectacular beaches.

So pack a backpack, bring the bikes (or hire them on the island) and get across to explore Rottnest Island for the day with the family.

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