Aquazone Aquatic Centre

Aqua Aerobics AquaZone’s Aqua Aerobics, or as it is affectionatly known, our Triple A program, offers an aqua based class for all level of fitness. Our three class levels include the low intensity AquaLite, the intermediate class AquaFit and the fun and exciting AquaZumba. Birthday Parties With the easy package below and free access to our new Mega Slide from 1pm – 3pm each Sat and Sun, there is no better place to hold your next birthday party. You can also bring your own food and drink in! Family Fun Activities Each Saturday & Sunday from 1pm to 3pm, AquaZone will have an inflatable in the water. The activity will be fully supervised by a qualifed staff member. This activity will come at no extra cost to patrons. Just pay your normal entry fees. Lap Swimming AquaZone has made a commitment to our patrons to offer lap swimming lanes at all times. Our policy to have allocated at least 2 lanes dedicated for lap swimming at any time. Swim Clubs and Organisations AquaZone is home to a variety of clubs.


16 Queens Road, Warrnambool Victoria 3280

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