Old Hobart Town

Old Hobart Town is a miniature replica of Hobart in the 1820’s, and it offers a unique and interesting glimpse into the early history of both Australia and Tasmania, along with it’s notorious and harsh convict past.

Situated in the main street of Richmond (Tasmania’s finest Georgian village), this attraction has been built from original plans (over three years) and set out in streets. As visitors walk the streets of old Hobart, the informative signage tells a story of how and why Hobart was so important to the Australian colonies, it really captures interest and makes for a unique and fascinating tour.

By allowing visitors to stroll through the village and down existing roads, the feel of the town is greatly magnified. Wandering around the streets of Old Hobart Town forces you to consider what life must have been like, with regards to both the rural aspect that the town would have had back then, and the brutal existence of many of it’s inhabitants.

Access is wheelchair friendly, and there are translations of the visitor materials in 4 languages to cater for our foreign guests.


21A Bridge Street, Richmond TAS, Australia

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