Spreyton Cider Co

Spreyton has been home to our families since the mid 1800’s, and since 1908 we have been growing apples in this picturesque valley. For four generations we have grown the highest quality fruit for the people of Tasmania and the world.

Spreyton is now not only home to great Tasmanian Apples and Fresh Apple juice it is also home for one of the few true tree to bottle cider producers in Australia.

We operate a cellar door from the cidery that is open almost every day of the year (major public holidays are generally closed.)

From our cellar door you can view into the factory and on production days, see the finished product being bottled up. If you’re lucky you might catch the Cidermaker at work and learn a little more about the styles of cider and methods that we use directly from him.

We have an indoor and a beautiful outside area to make a casual and comfortable space to enjoy a cider tasting or a quiet drink. For kids we offer juice tasting paddles and we recently built a kids playground.

We also offer an onsite food fan serving up fantastic coffee, cakes and classic food fare that the family is sure to enjoy


6 Melrose Rd, Spreyton Tasmania, Australia

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