WOW Illusions


A completely new experience has opened it’s doors in the Margaret River Region, this will be a must see when visiting the South West region.

A collection of weird and puzzling eccentricity.

Gravity Defying Room
:  Where the world seems unbalanced.  This Wow Illusions room is tilted at an angle so your brain will compensate and straightens the room confusing the displays. Things appear to hang at impossible angles creating great photo opportunities.

Illusionary Artworks: Explore our gallery of artworks that showcase visual trickery at it’s best.

Grow Big or Small in the Blink of an Eye:  This room will appear normal but in reality it is distorted to enlarge or shrink those inside it almost instantly.  This Alice in Wonderland type experience is always a favourite.

Cut Yourself in Half and Live to Tell the Tale: Illusionary tricks making your body appear to split in half.

Find Your Inner Peace through Levitation: Gravity defying illusions making you appear to be floating.

Watch the Walls come to Life: Artwork so real it appears to be alive.

Amazing Mirror Maze & Tricky Gate Maze: Have fun trying to find your way around these mind bending puzzles designed to entertain people of all ages.

Have your Head served on a Platter: The perfect photo opportunity of a meal made from your actual head.

Wackiest Toilets in the Southern Hemisphere: These will be the most talked about toilets in Australia.  Will you dare to relieve yourself surrounded with one way mirrors to those staring in from the outside.

Also onsite for all to enjoy is our outdoor playground and the Margaret River Nuts & Cereals Gift Shop & Café – nuts, cereals, biscuits, honey, preserves, coffee, cake and ice cream.


219 Harmans Mill Road, Metricup WA, Australia

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