Anglesea Golf Club gears towards return

Anglesea Golf Club gears towards return

Anglesea Golf Club is gearing up for the return of kangaroo tours starting Saturday 17th December. Prior to Covid, the kangaroos would draw as many as 5000 people to Anglesea to watch as they graze and loll about on the greens and fairways. It took some careful planning to ensure a safe nature-based tour could be offered, alongside playing golfers.

“The kangaroos are always around somewhere, “says Tour Coordinator, Les Cooper, who has been involved in the tours since they began operating in 2015.

“You can sometimes see them on the fairways during the day, but mostly they sit or lay down in the shade. They don’t interfere with the playing surface. Freshly cut grass doesn’t seem to be their favourite food. They prefer the longer grass at the edges and that’s where we see them feeding on young shoots and grasses.”

The club has two motorised tour carts which run independently or together as needed. The tours are conducted by volunteers from the club and the Anglesea community, who are full of information about the needs, habits, and welfare of the kangaroos.

“Our visitors love to see the joeys jumping in and out of their mum’s pouches. Our visitors love to photograph the joeys and see the kangaroos interacting with each other. That seems to be the favourite part of the tour for most people.”

Tours will be conducted every 30 minutes from 10am to 4pm every day. They can be pre-booked online via the Club’s website.

Location: 45 Golf Links Rd, Anglesea VIC 3230, Australia

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