Australian-first bring ‘Giants’ sculptures to Mandurah

Australian-first bring ‘Giants’ sculptures to Mandurah

In an Australian-first cultural tourism project, renowned Danish artist Thomas Dambo has brought his largescale wooden sculptures to the Mandurah region, along with one additional Giant located in Subiaco.

The Giants of Mandurah is an interactive exhibition that requires visitors to find the Giants, following a trail of clues.

Measuring up to 5m in height, these enormous wooden artworks will be very cleverly hidden around Mandurah in this free-to-view outdoor exhibition.

Starting at the Mandurah Visitor Centre, you’ll receive vital clues to find each site that will lead to the next Giant. Once all clues have been collected, they can be entered into a ‘code machine’ in central Mandurah, where the location of the final secret Giant will be revealed.

Giants of Mandurah is initiated and produced by FORM – Building a State of Creativity Inc. and delivered in collaboration with the City of Mandurah, with support from the State Government, and will be in place for several years.

To prepare for your Giants adventure and download a helpful Travellers’ Companion, visit

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