Duck-bill Platypus Bookmark

Duck-bill Platypus Bookmark

How to Make

  1. Print off the Platypus template and cut out.
  2. Place the platypus body on brown foam and draw around. Cut out.
  3. Draw round the flippers and bill on black foam. Cut out.
  4. Glue the flippers to the brown body as shown.
  5. Turn over the brown body so the flippers are now on the underside, and glue the top part of the bill halfway up the head. Ensure you stick only the top of the bill to the head as the base of the bill should be able to flip up like a flap.
  6. Add the wiggle eyes, and with a white marker add web lines to the flippers.
  7. Leave to dry.

Top Tip

When you place the platypus in your book, put the body behind the page and bring the bill over the top and in front.  

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