How, when, where and what of planning a trip

How, when, where and what of planning a trip

If you are unsure where to start with the preparations for your family holiday, the basic questions you need to answer (with your family) are:

What are you interested in doing?

When do you want to go?

How much time are we traveling for?

Where are the places you definitely want to see and experience?

Lay out your family's expectations, set priorities and this will narrow down the activities you want to experience as a family. It may it be a beach trip, diving or snorkeling, a city visit or an activity with the gang. It is your responsibility as a parent to estimate how much of the activity your child can actually handle.

After deciding what the family wants to do, you can then narrow down the time and date of the family vacation, remember, the best times to go on a vacation are also the busiest times, so book early and be prepared to pay more.

You cannot see everything unless you have unlimited time and budget. So choose wisely where you want to go. Take into consideration the travel time included apart from your actual stay, so you can maximize the vacation time and visit and experience what the place has to offer and make sure you get to visit and see the places your family has listed down as 'definite' places to see.

As Australia is an amazing destination and it's perfect for a family trip, each city has different experiences to offer for you and your kids, so plan ahead and be prepared!

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