Real Life Puzzle Experience at Lockology Escape Room

Real Life Puzzle Experience at Lockology Escape Room

Everything that goes into our Escape room is designed to offer a real-life puzzle experience that will rack the brain. Do you and your friends fancy yourselves as escape artists? Then come and see us! We can help you put together a deeply engrossing experience that is sure to test you mentally and really see how well you all work as a team.

An escape room is a real-life, puzzle-solving adventure game. You and your team of 2-6 people are "locked" in a room filled with mysterious objects, all waiting to be explored. You have 60 minutes to investigate, find clues, solve puzzles and unravel a story to ultimately set yourself free.

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Get the family to unlock these puzzles at 202 Timor Street Warrnambool, we have 4 rooms for your real life puzzle experience.

Escape from Wonderland
(Age Requirement 12+)

You and your friends have fallen down a rabbit hole and found yourself in wonderland and now must escape through the mind of Lewis carol.

Pirates Treasure Chest
Age requirement 12+ with a Parent

You and your friends have managed to board the Pirate ship looking for a treasure map.

The Experiment – Head to Head in Two identical rooms
(Age Req 16+ )

Advanced Room Aptitude Science Ltd. are searching for participants in our latest study on competitive behaviour.

Asylum Escape
Age Requirement 16+

You and your friends have broken into an asylum and now find yourself trapped in one of the sleeping quarters.

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