Riding with kids

It’s a great time to take up bike riding with your kids, and for everyone’s safety you can ride on the footpath together. Always make sure you give anyone walking all the room they need and maybe give a friendly ring of your bell to warn them you’re coming. And of course, watch for cars coming in and out of driveways. Happy biking! Riding safely: information for families and schools The safest places for young children and beginners to learn to ride bikes, scooters and skateboards are in enclosed areas. This helps prevent falling onto the footpath, driveway or the road while they are learning to ride. Children need ongoing adult help and supervision in safe, off-road locations to gradually develop all their skills. Wearing a helmet from the moment they start learning to ride will help your child to develop it as a life-long habit and reduce the risk of head injuries. Early helmet wearers will also be more likely to continue to wear helmets throughout their life. Our Safety on wheels brochure (PDF, 383Kb) and audio  for families outlines safety tips and information. Safety Town has a range of interactive resources about bike safety for teachers and families to use share with primary aged students. The key road safety messages for teachers and families to share with children are: Always wear a helmet when you ride or skate Ride your bike away from the road. Cycling NSW and Bicycle NSW encourage greater participation in cycling and provide safe riding tips and information on how to get started, join local cycling groups and find popular cycling routes. Transport for NSW also has more information for bicycle riders, including the Bicycle rider handbook and the location of cycleways and shared paths.