Weekend Adventure at The Walhalla Goldfields Railway

Weekend Adventure at The Walhalla Goldfields Railway

The Walhalla Goldfields Railway is a 2 ft 6 in narrow gauge tourist railway located in the Thomson River and Stringers Creek valleys in Gippsland, Victoria. A fun family-friendly train ride along the Walhalla Goldfields Railway ithrough the spectacular Stringers Creek Gorge.

For someone who loves a train journey with beautiful scenery, this little heritage journey will be a a thoroughly enjoyable and wonderful experience. You can watch the streams, lush green trees and forest ranges as you take a journey anytime during the year. Wild flowers throughout the gorge in spring and summer. Or enjoy the lush trees during Autumn, and winter will not disappoint, as Stringers Creek comes to life with increased water flows which spill over the attractive waterfall.

You can level up your Walhalla train ride by riding in the cab with the train driver and if your dog is well-behaved, they can even come along as well!          

Location: Walhalla Station,
2 Main Road, Walhalla 3825

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