Lost in Tasmazia

Lost in Tasmazia

Located in the wonderfully named Promised Land in the heart of Tasmania’s beautiful Cradle Mountain and Lakes District. It’s one of the biggest mazes in the world – in fact, the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s a wee little bit of a journey to get to the village, as you stumble your way around the Great Maze. There are signs littered here, there and everywhere, featuring a high level of corn that possibly wouldn’t work in any other setting. Tasmazia indeed is an essentially a large maze, with other mazes nestled inside, this quirky family attraction in Tasmania’s Promised Land is definitely a must visit.

The entire park is one massive maze and, upon entry, visitors embark on a scavenger hunt. A hunt within this maze are smaller mazes, puzzles and wonders to find to tick off the list. At the time it was planted, the main maze was the 'world's largest maze.'

If you have small children (or for the young at heart), Cubby Town, one of the 8 mazes, found within the Great Maze, is a must adventure for the little ones. Equipped with a school room, theatre, Pancake Parlour, fire station and more, where you can climb inside and explore each little cubby.

As easy as it is to get lost in Tasmazia, you will still have a blast as scattered throughout the mazes are funny joke signs that will bring a smile and laugh to most people.

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