How do you set up a Garden Party?

How do you set up a Garden Party?

Have an outdoor party coming up? There are many garden party ideas and tasks that you can undertake to get your backyard party ready! Learning about backyard party ideas can be fun for getting you in the space to entertain. We hope this list gives you plenty of inspiration to host a garden party to remember! The steps for setting up a garden party will differ depending on a number of factors, including the size of your garden and the garden party theme you have chosen. For example, what you will need for organising a rustic garden party will be different from what you might need for garden tea party ideas. One of the most important elements of preparing for a garden party, regardless of the theme or style, is ensuring your garden is looking neat and tidy for guests.

Declutter your garden

For a garden party you’ll want to make sure the space is decluttered and free of debris. This can include raking up any fallen leaves, picking up fronds, and pruning trees and bushes. Don’t let garden waste pile up, tackle it as it comes along and it will seem less daunting. It can also be a good time to make a tip run if you have a few bits of unused broken furniture or other items taking up space in the garden. 

Plant bright and colourful flowers

Want to bring a little bit of colour to your garden for the upcoming party? Planting colourful flowers can be a quick and simple way to brighten up your backyard. Place them in pots for easily rearrangeable colour options, or directly in the ground for a flourishing garden bed. Flower pots can also be placed on tables for a garden tea party, or hung in baskets and placed around the space. 

Mow the lawn

Before the party begins, get the lawn under control. A short lawn lets guests easily walk around on the grass and sit on the ground. If people will be spending a lot of time on the grass, you’ll likely want to do the mowing with a catcher. This picks up the cut grass as you go along, rather than leaving it behind on the lawn. You might like to tackle the lawn yourself, or prefer to bring in the experts to get it sorted.

Decorate the table with flowers, plants, and foliage

If you’re looking to set up tables outside for your guests to sit at and mingle around, you may like to decorate these tables with pieces from the garden. This can include vases of fresh flowers from the garden, pots of herbs as centrepieces, or Australian-native flowers and foliage scattered about or hung up high. Let your imagination run wild and decorate the space however you please! There are many different books and online sources for inspiration, so get searching!

Keep bugs at bay

Bugs at a garden party or barbeque can be a bit of a nuisance for guests. Think about bug protection before the party begins to keep guest annoyance to a minimum. Consider burning citronella candles or placing herbs that are disliked by bugs around to keep them away from the events. Investing in mesh food screens can also be a good option, particularly during the warmer months when bugs are out and about in high numbers.

Serve food straight from the garden

Who doesn’t love food and herbs picked fresh from the garden? Wow your guests by incorporating edible elements of the garden into your hosting experience. This can be as simple as including sprigs of mint into the punch or lemonade you’re serving, or as elaborate as designing your party menu around the foods currently growing in your backyard. Pop the tomatoes you’re growing into a quiche or garden salad, add rosemary to the barbeque goods, or incorporate lemon rind into a zesty cake.

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