How to Host a Smashing Slumber Party

How to Host a Smashing Slumber Party

Friendly gatherings always bring about loads of fun, and may we say “Hurrah!” for slumber parties. It might be a lot of work and planning ahead but definitely a must to be able to host a successful slumber for your kids and their friends.

First, organize it small. 
Just a couple of close friends, not the whole neighborhood. A good number is keeping the size half your child’s age. Yes, think small. 
Keep it an even number, no odd child out! Part of this is being able to get all essential details. Easier to contact a few parents for information, not limited to medications, food allergies, pet allergies and of course preferences of the kids. 
And most especially, get the contact details of the parents, as while their children are in your care, you are responsible. Something that you would appreciate if it was your kid going to a slumber party and not hosting one.

Second, ground zero preparation, your Home. 
Make sure you have sufficient sleeping essentials, from sleeping bags, air mattresses, clean sheets, pillows, blankets. 
Not limited to just “sleeping essentials” for the slumber party, it is as important to stock bathroom essentials, extra towels, washcloths, toilet papers, wetones, toothpaste, toothbrushes. 
Avoid fire hazard items like heaters. 
Toys, toys, and lots of toys. But first, ask your child what they want to share with their friends, and of course, this includes snugglebug’s stuff toys for the night. Both children and teens still like to cuddle with something at night. 
Child proof as needed.

Third, plan the activities. 

Fun for the kids, means effort for you as parents. They will just not share stories and sleep, they need to enjoy so you have to plan cool and interesting activities for the kids. Doesn’t have to be tiring, it needs to be interesting. Board Games are a given. A scavenger hunt maybe?

Fourth, you have gotten enough information from the other parents
you’ll know preferences, sensitivities and restrictions, plan what you will serve. 
Drinks - caffeine - free ( you want them to actually sleep at night). 
Snacks and treats, a mix of fun and healthy for picky munchers. 
For breakfast, make it special. Some homemade waffles or baked cookies to go. Fresh fruits, or even a breakfast bar / buffet so the kids can enjoy what they prefer.

Relax & enjoy while friendships are built and made stronger between the kids. 

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