How to host a Halloween party

How to host a Halloween party

Host a spooktacular kid-friendly Halloween party! Here are someips and tricks for party games, treats, and decor will have you in the Halloween spirit in no time.

Catch the attention of even your kids' friends with a clever DIY invitation you can easily make at home. Make the invite match your theme and follow up with an equally crafty take-home bag or trinket. There are plenty of Halloween party themes to choose from.  Get creative! Play games and be in character, not just the kids, adults and helpers too!

Some spooky decorations will set the scene for the party. Craft a few goodies with the family (saves you money too!), a very good family activity, don't have the time? Hit up the local crafts store for some ready made options, too.

It's not just about how everything will look and feel, it's also about what will go on for the night. How about putting a Halloween twist on classic party activities that is age appropriate so it doesn't frighten or bore. Even just using orange, green, and purple in your decor can signal the season.

Prepare simple snacks and munchies for the little ones. Have only some candies for dessert and make healthy offerings for the party, and make sure you check with the other parents for food allergies and dietary concerns.

Good ambience, good food, good company - definitely one good Halloween party!  

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