Budget Friendly Birthday Parties

Budget Friendly Birthday Parties

While social media may try to tell you otherwise, it doesn’t need to cost a small fortune to have a fun celebration. Throwing a bash could be as memorable as ever even with the use of cost-cutting party ideas.

Consider the time of day. Scheduling a party in the afternoon, between lunch and dinner, will mean that your guests won’t expect a full meal. Save on dining plates and a big clean up by serving up finger foods and snacks instead.

Double the fun by teaming up with another child for a double birthday celebration! Ask around if your child’s birthday is near one of their friend’s birthday and throw the party together. Splitting the cost of just one party as well as the responsibility for planning and running it will save time as well as money. Perhaps consider splurging on two cakes so that your birthday child still feels special.

Check out the prices at various fast-food restaurants and children’s party venues as well as local church or scout halls that you can rent. Often there is everything you need rolled into one very easy package where you can hold all the activities you’ve planned and still cater to all your guests. Some venues may provide everything that you might want from space, food, decorations and activities however it may also cost more for the convenience. 

If you are well organised ahead of time, compare prices and watch for items on sale. Even stocking up on grocery items ahead of time can save you money. If you’ve got a theme in mind, consider a visit to the local op-shop for some great authentic items that bring your party to life such as faux silver mugs for your little pirates or sheer fabrics to create a fairy wonderland.

Go digital! Most people interact regularly every day on their devices. Utilise your preferred social media platform to deliver colourful and interactive invites. This is even something your child can help with by designing the digital invitation and monitoring the responses. It also keeps you in touch with other parents to allow for communication about food allergies or medications. And if you are looking for a party supplier for some of your decorating or catering, hop online to do that 

Get crafty by making your own decorations and party favours. Having children decorate their own lolly bags is always a great way to get them started. Buying items in bulk means you won’t run short and is more cost effective for both food and party items. Stretch out your goody bags with non-food items like hair elastics, ribbons or super bouncy balls. Try doing some baking, decorating or cooking as an activity together during the party then add some of the baked items to the bags. Recipes such as rocky road, slices, cookies, cupcakes, maybe even pizza or rice paper roll making can be great fun. If you are running an art or craft activity, include colouring sheets, simple craft materials or glitter pens as well. Take the children outside for a game of touch footy, soccer or tiggy. Perhaps embrace some good old-fashioned fun with active games such as charades, simon-says, three-legged races, treasure hunt, musical chairs or a simple dance party. There is so much you can do without having to hire professional entertainment.

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